Healthcare Consultants

Taino Consultants Inc.(TC Inc.) is a St. Augustine, FL based healthcare consultant firm that has over 20 years’ experience assisting private and government organizations with their healthcare professional operations and services.


Start-ups – You dream it and we help you make it a reality

  • Business Plans.  Let’s us help you organize what, when and how.
  • Financial Assistance.  We will help you organize your documents and get the funds you need.
  • Marketing Plans.  Web site, print media, social network, marketing gadgets, just say what you want.
  • Licensure. Federal or State, we will complete the necessary forms for you.

Compliance – Let us help you navigate these challenging waters

  • HIPAA Risk Analysis.  We have develop our own tools to facilitate this daunting task.
  • Development of policies and procedures.  EPICompliance, shall we say any more.
  • HIPAA and OSHA training.  Online or onsite your call.

ICD 10

  • Implementation.  Workflow analysis, shortcut development and many more tools.
  • Assessments.  On going documentations and billing reviews to ensure proper coding.
  • Training. Online, onsite, generic or customized, your call.

Meaningful Use

  • EHR selection and implementation.  Tell us what you want, we help with the rest.
  • Attestations.  Review of documentation and assistance with process.
  • HITECH Audits.  Don’t do anything before giving us a call.


  • Recruiting. Looking for a job or a new team member?
  • Government Contracts.  Certified by the VA and the SBA.
  • Student Loans.  Have student loans? Maybe we can help.
  • Creative Income Opportunities for the healthcare professional and the organization.
  • Call Centers and Virtual Assistants.

Let us know what are your needs and we are certain that if one of our team members cannot assist you someone within the network of health professionals we work with will certainly be there for you.


Not only can Jose express the needs of the client clearly and precisely; and represents the client’s interests in the development process, Jose can also clearly and effectively communicate to the customer alternative solutions that meet the performance and design considerations of the development process.

Richard Nader, Online Marketing – Senior Developer at Web.Com