Pursuant to the Center for Medicare/Medicaid Services (CMS), Condition of Participation (CoP) and The Joint Commission standards, Taino Compliance Inc has developed a web-based compliance program that organizes, updates and tracks organizational policies. The program also has hundreds of forms which simplifies documentation and overall organizational activities. As part of this software we provide monthly action items to our customers, HIPAA Security Reminders and annual training for Users under a license.

The software is designed to be User friendly and the basic features prompt customers to take actions and document the same in a timely manner. Not only do we provide policies and the corresponding forms but also a section to file the completed documents so all of the Compliance documentation resides in one
central location.



EPI Compliance’s dashboard is a user interface that, somewhat resembling an automobile’s dashboard, organizes and presents information in a way that is easy to read.

Our dashboard is the first screen when users sign in and provides the opportunity to any authorized User to Navigate to the modules he/she is licensed. We have the ability to create as many tabs as the User requires to organize their policies. We also limit visibility to these tabs to authorized Users.

The dashboard is also an opportunity for the Administrator or Taino Consultants to post alert for Users. Normally our alerts are time sensitive and we have the ability to select start date and end date for any alerts.



Modules or licenses are product specific. Each Client may select any number of modules to buy. Modules can be custom named although for simplicity sake Taino Consultants Inc. has named every module based on the program or regulation they represent. For example, the most commonly
known modules cover the following topics:

  • Affordable Care Act Compliance/Office of the Inspector General
  • HIPAA Privacy
  • HIPAA Security
  • OSHA


Each Module provides the User with three options:


Since May 1995 Taino Consultants Inc. has been creating policies based on Client’s Specialties, regulations and legislation. This library of policies is updated constantly by Taino Consultants Inc. staff and associates in order to meet the ongoing requirements and evolution in the healthcare arena. At the very least, all policies are revised on a quarterly basis and updates are completed as needed to remain compliant.


Dr. Jose Delgado, Taino Consultants Inc. CEO, a former United States Air Force Contracting Officer, is a strong advocate of forms. Forms facilitate actions in a standard format. Forms also facilitate training and increases efficiency. Therefore, each Policy module has a section of forms that correspond to the policies covered in that particular module. All forms are designed as PDF fillable documents so Users can complete the same within the same environment. Once completed Users can print the forms, sign and upload or simply give copies of the completed forms to authorized personnel.

User Documents

The User Document Section is a document management repository where Organizations can upload and save documents within the system. The idea of this section is to facilitate filing of completed and support documents within the same area of the policies.

We are constantly upgrading our software and thru the Resources section we provide our Clients additional information and resources where they can find assistance to complete their Compliance Requirements.

I addition to the software we assist Covered Entities with other Compliance and Certification Services such as accreditation, licensing, meaningful use attestation and audits.

For more information simply contact us by e-mailing Dr. Jose Delgado directly at [email protected].