Alternative Income Opportunities

Rowing together

Every client is different and while there are options that may benefit many clients every option we recommend depends on the variables and challenges that are particular to them.

Concierge.  Concierge medicine relates to a special relationship between a patient and a Provider (Professional or Organization).  While many people are familiar with the term concierge the common denominator is that under a concierge program a patient pays a retainer or a recurrent fee for previously identified medical services.

Health Tourism.  Also know as medical tourism the term basically comprises the act of a patient traveling to another location other than their  home of record to receive medical services.  Health tourism may include perks that are not normally associated with medical services and are normally not covered by health insurance.

Weight Loss Programs.  Obesity is a major global economic problem.  The number of obesity cases in developed countries are increasing and as the markets improve in other countries so does the obesity crisis.  Our Obesity programs are based on a license concept where we provide the required protocols, training and support needed on an ongoing basis.  There is no need to reinvent the wheel with us here.

Pain Rehab Centers.  Forget about the pill mills and consider the patient long term need.  We have the technology and created a program based on an FDA approved option that while not perfect for every patient it can actually benefit many conditions and bring an additional revenue stream to most organizations.

Clinic in a Box.  It is all about systems.  We call it a clinic in a box as the basic idea behind this income opportunity is to modify available resources and protocols to fit the right location and the patient needs.

Other.  Let’s be creative.  The healthcare field is under constant flux and based on our experience and versatility we see opportunities everywhere.  Simply contact us and request a consult and we will assign one of our experienced team members to collect information and bring ideas to the table.