HIPAA Security Bootcamp

The HIPAA Security Bootcamp consists of an intense day covering the basics of HIPAA Security, the three basic Safeguards (Administrative, Physical and Technical) and the Standards covered under each, plus a brief overview of the key laws that apply to HIPAA Security.

The Bootcamp is designed to be a review of EPI Compliance’s Security courses (approximately 24 courses) and a preparation to the Certified HIPAA Security Officer test. The certification test is over two hours long and during the same candidates for certification will be presented with over 200 questions dealing with the topics covered during the Bootcamp.

At this point in time we will waive completion of the courses for the attendees as this is the first year the Bootcamp is offered. Subsequent Bootcamps will require interested applicants complete the basic curriculum (24 courses) and one year experience in a field dealing with HIPAA Security issues.

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