Healthcare Conference


Regulatory changes and issues

Legislation and IT changes affecting healthcare professionals

One of a kind conference designed to address key issues affecting Physicians, Healthcare Professionals and Organizations.  The topics of this healthcare conference have been selected by Physicians and Healthcare Professionals and the same are designed to answer questions and provide solutions.

Each presenter has been pre-screened by the organizers of the conference and the information to cover has been summarized to its basic components so that all attendees will be able to benefit from the same.

The overall guideline is to present the information in a format that will benefit the attendees. Topic with operational examples, reason for the importance of the issue and potential solutions.  No politics, no whining, no non-sense.

It is time for the physicians to take control of their lives but let’s learn the rules of the games and was coming down the pipe before we move.  In short, this conference is designed to empower Physicians.

Topics for the Conference (may change later) include but are not limited to:

  • HITECH Audits – What are these audits about? How to prepare for HITECH audits? How to respond to HITECH audits?
  • Compliance – Compliance Requirements and Certifications
  • Hospitality – what is hospitality and how it differentiates businesses
  • Marketing for Healthcare Professionals – Social Network, logos, websites
  • Vertical Lines of Businesses for the Healthcare – What works and doesn’t work
  • Neuro Analgesic – studies, protocols and guidance

Detail about the conference are:

  • Date: Summer 2019
  • Place: Loews Royal Pacific Resort at Universal, Orlando, Florida

Sponsors.  Not everyone qualifies as a Sponsor for this conference as we had each of the interested parties go thru a screening process to ascertain the following criteria: legitimate business, experience in their specialty, benefit to attendees and references.  Potential sponsors were not considered unless they receive an invitation or a referral vouching for them.

Speakers.  The speakers selected for this conference have multiple years practical experience in the field.  These are the healthcare professionals to call in case you need assistance and for your convenience we have place them all in one room so you can take advantage of their knowledge and expertise.

For more information contact: Dr. Jose I Delgado via e-mail at [email protected]