Global Health Records

Welcome to Global Health Records (GHR), your premier destination for expert healthcare consulting services. With a steadfast commitment to excellence since our establishment in July 2007, we pride ourselves on providing comprehensive solutions tailored to the unique needs of healthcare startups and established businesses alike. Specializing in the setup and operations of new ventures, our seasoned team offers a wide array of services, including crafting detailed business plans, optimizing organizational structures, devising targeted market strategies, ensuring regulatory compliance, and fostering sustainable growth. Backed by years of industry experience and a deep understanding of the ever-evolving healthcare landscape, we are dedicated to empowering our clients to thrive in a competitive market while delivering exceptional care to their communities.

Among the projects we have worked include:

  • Management Services Organization (MSO) Data Analyst and metrics development.
  • Specialty Clinics: Recruiting Providers and support team members
  • Programming and Electronic Records: Test platform and development support
  • Healthcare Law Firms: Consultation, investigation and remediation actions
  • Dental Laboratory: Licensing, development of documents and business support
  • Rehabilitation: Development of non-prescription/medication pain program protocols


Global Health Records (GHR) emerged as a vital entity within the healthcare consulting landscape, originally established as a sister corporation of Taino Consultants Inc., a renowned Florida-based consultancy firm. Born from a vision to revolutionize the healthcare industry’s approach to data management and operational efficiency, GHR quickly distinguished itself as a leader in its field. From its inception, GHR shared synergies with Taino Consultants Inc., collaborating closely to deliver unparalleled expertise and support to their shared clientele. Over time, GHR’s distinct identity and scope expanded, leading to its evolution into a separate entity while maintaining strong ties to its parent corporation. Today, GHR stands as an independent Florida corporation, boasting a diverse portfolio of clients across the healthcare spectrum, ranging from small clinics to large hospital networks. Despite its autonomy, GHR remains dedicated to supporting Taino Consultants Inc. while simultaneously catering to its own growing client base, solidifying its reputation as a trusted partner in healthcare innovation and excellence.