Our mission is to support our Client and their specific goals. Our approach is based on a scientific approach where we match the needs of our Client with the resources needed to meet the established goals.

We understand the challenges that Healthcare Organizations and Professionals are facing and how to systematically uncover and address those challenges. We do this by providing end-to-end problem resolution skills to every project. Our guidance and compliance services leverage proven industry best practices, standards, and guidelines.

We differentiate ourselves through four aspects of our business:


One of our main assets, Dr. Jose I. Delgado, CEO and President of Taino Consultants Inc., was a former contracting officer and during his time in service founded and directed 12th AF, SOUTHAF Contracting Division. The experience he brought to TC Inc. and the one accumulated during our 19 years in service set us apart from others in the field.


Our team of consultants, engineers and support personnel represent some of the most respected and sought-after specialists in their fields. While every one of them is a specialist in their field all of them have a can-do-attitude that allows succeeding in extremely difficult situations.


We believe in forming strong partnerships with our clients. We approach every project with time-proven systems engineering and project management strategies that help our clients implement the right long-term solutions for their needs.


We provide unbiased recommendations to our clients, ensuring they receive thoughtful, independent solutions. We will never accept any form of payment from manufacturers, distributors or suppliers for recommending their products.

We Understand Healthcare

  • As healthcare professionals we understand the delivery of services and the requirements of setting operations with a modicum of resources. No project
    is too small or too large for us as we have had the opportunity to deliver and set-up care in rural as well as cosmopolitan locations.
  • Most of our clients are healthcare professionals, facilities and organizations so we have industry experience and knowledge to select the best solutions for the situation.
  • We owned and managed private practices, facilities and government organizations so we have an understanding of the unique issues healthcare
    organizations and professionals face on a day to day basis.