Taino Consultants take in terms of security is based on being ready and providing you with the tools to respond.  In other words, increase awareness of your surroundings thru the use of technology and training to teach you how to handle potentially dangerous situations.

Thru our years of experience we recognize that every client is different for which a standard approach may not be the best alternative for your situtaion.  Therefore our standard operational procedure (SOP), before engaging in any contractual obligation, is an analysis of the situation and then a recommendation based on the goals of our clients.

As explained before most solutions fall under the following categories:

  • Physical security.  Assessment of your area of operations, physical assets and potential threats is the first step before deciding what will be the ideal technology for you as a client.  We know by experience that every armor has gaps, so the challenge becomes an exercise in resources needed and return on investment based on the potential gains/loss.
  • Training.  Not everyone in your organization should be expected to be a warrior ready to attack.  Yet there are some techniques such as our verbal defense techniques that may turn a raging customer into a docile puppy.  Of course we also have self-defense courses and urban fighting techniques that have been developed for the exclusive use of Taino Consultants’ clients.

If by any chance we determine that your needs exceed our capabilities we will then represent you in the search, negotiations and implementation of the recommended plan of action.