Healthcare Physician Conference Presenters

Presentations for healthcare professionals and organizations

Our Conference Speakers have been selected based on their healthcare experience, knowledge base and expertise.  They will tell it the way it is. No holds barred.

Jose I. Delgado.   Dr. Jose Delgado, CEO of Taino Consultants Inc. and EPI Compliance, has a Ph.D. in Healthcare Business and through Taino Consultants Inc. has started many Medical Practices and facilities around the USA.  Taino Consultants Inc. and Dr. Delgado are also well know at the National level and recently have been contracted by several Federal Organizations to train healthcare professionals in Health IT, ICD 10 implementation and compliance issues.  Dr. Delgado’s background includes experience as a contracting officer for the Air Force which included his last assignment as director of contracts for SOUTHAF.  Dr. Delgado is familiar with healthcare operations, contracting from both sides of the fence and the coordination of logistics with mixed teams.

Jose A. Delgado.  Mr. Jose A. Delgado has been working in the Healthcare Field since 1999.  He is the President and CEO of Global Health Records a Florida corporation dedicated to healthcare services and solutions.  Mr. Delgado has extensive experience in HIPAA Privacy, HIPAA Security, Electronic Health Records development and implementation, HIPAA Risk Assessments, Medicare and Office of the Inspector General Compliance requirements, billing for healthcare professionals and basic legal procedures.  Mr. Jose Delgado has created multiple programs for physician offices including Concierge Services, Pain Rehab without drugs, cash basis services and many others.  Mr. Delgado recently certified thru the state of Florida to become a broker of insurance products.  Thru this license he has been able to offer products to his clients that normally they wouldn’t know of its existence or functionality as it applies to them.