EMR Update

Selecting an EMR is not as easy as it looks.  So, don’t be fooled by incentives and start shopping with the right frame of mind.

I know I have been quiet in terms of this subject for the last couple of weeks and the reason is that the market is so unstable right now that even I have to be careful with what I say.  What I see is that in most cases the incentive for EMRs may not be enough to pay for the costs or the system.  Furthermore, the time that it will take to certify systems on criteria that has not been finalized as of today will slow even more the certification process which in turn will reduce the window for healthcare professionals to receive the stimulus money.  As if any of that wasn’t enough, selection of the right system is critical as some of the systems may require changing the operational parameters of the Practice which in turn may result in revenue losses due to increase overhead and time spend on a per encounter basis.

So my recommendations if you don’t have an electronic system yet are:

  1. Develop your own criteria in terms of what you want your system to accomplish before you start shopping;
  2. Select a system that works for you;
  3. Start shopping right away.

My personal choices when looking for a system are:

  1. Internet based system with encrypted controls;
  2. Document management module included in the base price;
  3. Upgrades and updates included with the basic pricing;
  4. Ability to connect from any computer without leaving a footprint;
  5. Ability to customize forms based on my particular Practice.

I actually helped develop a system with all of the above requirements and have not been able to see anything that gets close to it in terms of price or flexibility so if you are shopping and are looking for information you deserve to ask me about the same.

In the meantime be wary as not all systems are created equal!!