Doctors looking into Concierge Medicine

Physicians are reconsidering the benefits of medicare and insurance plans and opting for cash models instead.

Remember the old times when your doctor’s visits were paid in cash? Well I may be showing my age but I do remember my mother taking me to the doctor and paying for services. Of course, emergencies, like all the times I split my head by falling/jumping or a throwing rocks war, ended up in an emergency room followed quite frequently with stitches. As we speak I’m working with my son in a cash based network with concierge and other hybrids models embedded into it but the principle is cash and accessibility to all. So don’t be surprised in the future if your doctor pulls out of Medicare or opts to stop receiving insurance payments. As a matter of fact, I just read an article about this same topic. The article is titled: “1 In 10 Doctor Practices Flee Medicare To Concierge Medicine” and can be found at: ( The point is that there is a re-emergence to the old times where doctors billed for their work at reasonable prices and patients paid directly for the same. I actually have been working on this model for quite a few years but the time was not right to launch these products. Now some physicians are ready for the move and patients are becoming savvy enough to ask for this service so the conditions are just right. Hence for the last couple of weeks we (my son Jose Delgado and I) have been moving forward with the roll out of these products. We conducted our own research and created analysis to indicate the right risk equation based on geographical conditions and services. We also looked at the compliance requirements of each “product line” and tested the market to find out the right price matrix. The bottomline is that the market is changing and we need to keep an open mind and evolve in order to survive.