ICD 10 Update

If you are like me, overwhelmed with keeping up with the new guidelines and regulations and trying to keep a business profitable, chances are that you have not had time to look too close at ICD-10.  So for one second let’s forget about meaningful use, healthcare reform, audits and compliance and look into ICD-10.

Recently the American Health Information Management Association completed a survey that came up with the following results:

  • Over 50% of hospitals surveyed were still in the beginning phases of ICD-10 migration in fall of 2012.
  • 25% had not even formed an ICD-10 steering committee, one of the first steps of implementation.
  • 83% of facilities had no plans underway
  • 20% of small and mid-sized hospitals have not started any education or training

ICD-10 is not going to be easy or inexpensive.  As a matter of fact, while some professionals may consider that ICD-10 is simply a change in coding the reality is far from the truth.  So rather than going thru an extensive explanation, which I will cover in a presentation in the future, let’s get into the recommendation phase:

  1.  Conduct and internal audit to identify coding practices;
  2. Start training staff into implementation steps and potential changes;
  4. Consider outsourcing your coding efforts;
  5. Look for assistance in the implementation process.

Just like many others I’m hoping for another extension, however I will follow one of my mottos:

“Hope for the best but plan for the worst.”