The Dangers of Technology

My intention is not to scare but to create awareness about the realities of our times.  Even thinking about this topic I think that rather than a Vone-time article we could create a series of articles where we cover each aspect of the new technologies and how the same could endanger us. The funny thing about all this is that I can say that I make my living by relying in technology and pushing new developments and how the same could benefit us.  For example, just yesterday I was speaking to a couple of healthcare professionals in terms of how to use camera phones and similar technologies to consult peers about a patient’s condition.  I have also seen applications that normally require specific diagnostic equipment that can now be deployed using cellular phones. On the other hand, this same technology makes us extremely vulnerable as more and more information is downloaded into these devices and as we increase remote operations.  For example, is it no longer enough to hack into your system but for a while now individuals have been able to commandeer your system from remote sites to do their bidding. Consider this; do you know if someone is using your computer or camera phone to spy on you?  What about using your computer to access your accounts or even worst, to use your computer’s processing power and connectivity to hack into other person’s/organizations data banks? There are multiple schemes that are been used by programmers and hackers where they either penetrate your systems or use your systems to penetrate others.  The thing that should surprise you is not that these actions are taking place but of the frequency of the same. The beauty of technology is that for every problem there may be one or more solutions.  So while technology continues to change, and while even people like me try to stay current with the same, reality is that there are only so many hours in a day.  So in my case I decided that the best recourse is to have a trustworthy expert use his software to monitor my systems.  So every day I receive a report telling me if there are any viruses in my systems, attempts of penetration and a number of other potential activities that could indicate suspicious activities. In summary, technology is great, yet understands what you are doing and your vulnerabilities before you implement or release access to systems.  Even better, if you are going to use the new toys, find someone to help you protect your assets.