Meaningful Use Audits

Audit season for Meaningful Use continues.  So far it seems that our 100% audit prediction is becoming a reality.  Therefore if you have not been hit don’t sweat it but make sure you have all your documentation in order.

EHR Incentives and their audits
Meaningful Use Audits and Healthcare Professionals
Based on the Clients we have assisted with during these audits some of the key things we have found include: Medical Assistants entering information on the chart but not identified as Certified Medical Assistants.

  1. Not entering information on the chart as structured data.
  2. Unable to produce copies of the information used to complete attestation.
  3. Failure to implement and document HIPAA required actions.  Remember the sequence of steps should be:
    1. Risk Assessment
    2. Management Plan
    3. Training
    4. Documentation of actions completed
  4. Patient engagement thru electronic means.

As we mentioned in previous articles we strongly recommend the creation of a Book of Evidence for every Provider and for every year that attestation was completed.