Long Term Care

  long term care 2 Here is a tough, but realistic concern about healthcare: Technology and research has gotten to a point that average life expectancy in the US is 86 years.  That is great news in comparison with the 1900’s where the average life expectancy was 47.  On the other hand; will you be able to afford it? long term care 4As it is, health insurance companies are becoming quite selective as it relates to long term care based on their experiences.  Yet long term care coverage is the ideal product to cover for eventualities in life that may come with a long life. However, depending on your situation, there are still several options. One is life insurance. Universal Life policies, (through companies like Nationwide, Foresters, National Life Group) now have more living benefits than death benefits. There are also Indexed Annuities that can protect, and grow, assets that can be used for these kinds of serious concerns. And, as it comes with most financial situations, ignorance is not really an option or course of action. This is not about you as an individual. It is about protecting your family from the expensive care; guaranteeing that the legacy you leave is the one you want to leave, and the one your loved ones deserve.  So if you have not looked at this in the past start now.  If you need assistance, contact us for a free consultation. Note: above article was written by Jose A. Delgado, CEO and president of Global Health Records