Price Transparency bill passes in Florida

billing statementPatients in Florida will benefit of a new law that takes effect July 1st, 2016.  The new law is expected to add a new level of transparency as it regards to healthcare services. House Bill 1175 creates a website enabling people to get a price projection for an episode of treatment from a hospital or ambulatory surgery center.  Some of the new requirements of this law includes:

  • Services and procedures will be grouped by a descriptive service bundle to facilitate price comparisons;
  • Hospitals and ASCs are required to provide access to the searchable service bundles on their website;
  • Consumers will be presented with the estimated average payment received, excluding Medicaid and Medicare, and estimated payment ranges for each service bundle, by facility, facilities within geographic boundaries, and nationally;
  • Facilities must disclose the facility’s financial assistance policies and collection procedures;
  • Facilities must notify prospective patients that other health care providers may provide services in the facility and bill separately from the facility;
  • Insurers and HMOs are required to provide on their websites a method for policy holders to estimate their cost-sharing responsibilities by service bundle;
  • Estimates shall include both in-network and out-of-network providers;
  • Consumers may request personalized good faith estimates of charges for non-emergency medical services from hospitals;
  • Estimates requested by consumers shall be provided within 7 days after the request;
    • The bill provides for a daily fine for non-compliance by facilities and health care practitioners;
    • The personalized estimate must also inform the patient about the health care provider’s financial assistance policies and collection procedures;
    • A patient may also request an itemized bill or statement from the hospital and ASC after discharge;
    • Each diagnostic-imaging center operated by a hospital but not located on the hospital grounds is required to post in the reception area prices charged to uninsured persons for the 50 most frequently provided services;

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