End of the Year Recommendations

Plan of Action This year has been quite a challenge with the ongoing changes, presidential elections, Affordable Care Act new requirements, etc.  Overall we have to process so much critical information that is hard to define what is important any more, hence, we decided to end the year with a simple list of what we consider to be the top five items healthcare professionals and organizations need to be concerned about.

  • Complete a HIPAA Security Risk Assessment (SRA);

SRA’s are required to be conducted annually and once December 31st comes around you will not be able to get the credit for calendar year 2016 unless you have completed your SRA before that date.

  • Review MACRA (the Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act) and implementation in your office;

CMS has confirmed a start date of January 1st, 2017 for MACRA so it is essential that a plan is put in place to gather and report the proper information by that date.

  • Review Affordable Care Act Section 1557 and take action as appropriate;

First, find out if this law applies to you and your organization.  If it does then make sure you know what you have to do and implement.

  • Research systems to assist with compliance requirements;

It is not about working harder but working smarter.  Find the most cost effective to be in compliance and implement as soon as possible.

  • Implement marketing plan based on your ideal customer.

Take control of your business and start looking at the best way to attract your desired customers to your office. Please understand that the list above and our recommendations are by no means a “get out of jail free” card and that by no means do we endorse the omission of any tasks or responsibilities from any of our readers.  This is simply a recommendation in terms of priorities and nothing else.