President Trump and Healthcare

It is still too soon to predict accurately what President Trump’s impact on healthcare is going to be and rather than to think the worst we will simply observe and comment on facts and possibilities. For the benefit of our readers we will attempt to be clear when stating an opinion or facts. We will also stay away from politics as our end customer is the public regardless of affiliation, race or place of origin. With that out of the way, one of President Trump’s executive orders deals with the reduction of federal regulations. Simply put, the order states that for every new regulation or rule introduced by any department or agency, two existing regulations must be eliminated. From a standpoint of a consulting company with specialization in healthcare compliance this could potentially be bad for business as less regulations could mean less need for outside. On the other hand, less regulations could also result in lower overhead and the potential of funds to hire outside consultants by a larger market. Our take as healthcare professionals is that we welcome less regulations and the possibility of streamlining our processes so we can concentrate in providing better service to our clients.