EPI Conferences 2020 Cancellation

EPI Compliance and Healthcare Innovation Conference has been canceled. This should not be a surprise as many conferences have been canceled due to the COVID 19 crisis. The sad part was that we had an incredible number of speakers who were to offer fascinating information to all of us. Also, this was the first year we were to offer certification courses in regenerative medicine. We also had some courses geared towards diabetics, wound care, cannabidiol (CBD) uses for patients and much more.

Yet, our philosophy is to look at challenges as opportunities and this is no exception. For example, we have decided not to wait until next year to offer some of our courses so we will be looking into offering online courses and one-day certification programs throughout the year. We are also updating our EPI Conference website with news and information which should give you one place to keep yourself updated as to what is going on. Last but not least, we are looking at opportunities for you and your Practice where you could:

  • Reduce liability
  • Increase Income
  • Reduce Overhead

In short, we may not get the chance to get together this year but visit our site and stay tuned as we are going to be bringing opportunities and information which will be of benefit to you and your patients.