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Posted : May 26, 2016

HIPAA Audits Update – Second phase of Audits

Let’s phase it, the audits are not going away and we ...

Posted : May 1, 2016

Meaningful Use and MACRA

The other day I was trying to explain the changes to Me...

Posted : April 15, 2016

Meaningful Use 2016 Updates

Meaningful use 2016 from Jose Ivan Delgado, Ph.D.

Posted : February 29, 2016


It should not be a surprise to anyone that HITECH audit...

Posted : December 3, 2015

HIPAA Unveiled

What does Anchorage Community Mental Health Services (A...

Posted : December 2, 2015

Meaningful Use Changes for 2015 and Beyond

I have been trying to write this article since October ...

Posted : November 3, 2015

HIPAA HITECH Audits and Risk Analysis

In 2011, during the Department of Health and Human Serv...