Tag: Medicaid Expansion

Posted : August 9, 2015

Healthcare Subsidies

We live in interesting times!  First, President Obama ...

Posted : January 23, 2014

Concierge Care and Other Financial Challenges

With the coming of the New Year several health care pro...

Posted : November 24, 2013

Affordable Care Act and exchanges

Healthcare update 2 from Jose Delgado

Posted : October 17, 2013

IT Trouble with Exchanges

Is anyone surprised that the Federal Government is havi...

Posted : July 5, 2013

ACO’s Potential Pitfalls

In the past several months I have been asked my opinion...

Posted : July 3, 2013

Healthcare in the USA – Highlights as of July 2013

Healthcare Reform, ICD 10, Meaningful Use, ACOs (Accoun...