Posted : May 26, 2016

ICD-10 Update

Time flies and while we in the healthcare business woul...

Posted : May 26, 2016

HIPAA Audits Update – Second phase of Audits

Let’s phase it, the audits are not going away and we ...

Posted : May 25, 2016

HIPAA Security – System Patches

As of January 12, 2016, Microsoft stopped support and s...

Posted : May 1, 2016

Price Transparency bill passes in Florida

Patients in Florida will benefit of a new law that take...

Posted : May 1, 2016

Meaningful Use and MACRA

The other day I was trying to explain the changes to Me...

Posted : April 29, 2016

Call Center

Overhead is going up and payment for the most part is g...

Posted : April 15, 2016

Meaningful Use 2016 Updates

Meaningful use 2016 from Jose Ivan Delgado, Ph.D.

Posted : March 31, 2016

Long Term Care

  Here is a tough, but realistic concern about hea...

Posted : March 31, 2016

HIPAA Audits

    Stricter Audit Protocols Applies to Cover...

Posted : March 31, 2016

Telemedicine History

The state of Alaska is making history with Senate Bill ...

Posted : February 29, 2016

Marketing 101

Our society has changed and with it the need for market...

Posted : February 29, 2016


It should not be a surprise to anyone that HITECH audit...