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Posted : January 27, 2015

Cybercrime and HIPAA; are you at risk?

This is quite interesting and potentially may raise mor...

Posted : November 7, 2014

The Dangers of Technology

My intention is not to scare but to create awareness ab...

Posted : October 8, 2014

Business Associates versus Compliance

The way we are going there is only one loser in this eq...

Posted : October 8, 2014

Steep rate hikes expected

The rumors are true.  Average health insurance rate hi...

Posted : June 25, 2014

Healthcare Billing Costs

Posted : May 7, 2014

Affordable Care Act Initial Numbers

Last week my son came to me with a report from the Hous...

Posted : April 22, 2014

HIPAA Security Risk Assessments

HIPAA security risk assessments from Jose Delgado

Posted : March 14, 2014

ICD 10 Transition

Let’s be realistic.  In case you haven’t noticed t...

Posted : February 28, 2014

Understanding Patients

Healthcare Professionals are not the only ones confused...

Posted : February 20, 2014

Compliance Software

Healthcare Compliance Software from Jose Delgado

Posted : February 17, 2014

Simple Rules

We live in interesting times!  I actually have also pu...

Posted : January 23, 2014

Meaningful Use and the Security Risk Assessment

I know it is hard to believe but I have spent years wor...