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Posted : May 26, 2016

HIPAA Audits Update – Second phase of Audits

Let’s phase it, the audits are not going away and we ...

Posted : April 2, 2015

Meaningful Use Audits

Audit season for Meaningful Use continues.  So far it ...

Posted : December 26, 2014

Meaningful Use

We have heard that audits are increasing and while no o...

Posted : October 8, 2014

Business Associates versus Compliance

The way we are going there is only one loser in this eq...

Posted : June 22, 2014

HIPAA fines and audits

The Office for Civil Rights (OCR) announced that they w...

Posted : June 22, 2014

OIG Exclusion Changes

Recently the Health and Human Services Office of the In...

Posted : April 22, 2014

HIPAA Security Risk Assessments

HIPAA security risk assessments from Jose Delgado

Posted : March 5, 2014

Stark Law and ACOs

I was just reading about a case that was settled by Hal...

Posted : February 20, 2014

Compliance Software

Healthcare Compliance Software from Jose Delgado

Posted : February 18, 2014

Office of the Inspector General (OIG) 2014 Work Plan

In January 31st, 2014 the OIG published its 2014 work p...

Posted : January 27, 2014

Meaningful Use

Meaningful Use refers to the Medicare and Medicaid ince...

Posted : January 27, 2014

HIPAA Security

The first task in identifying what actions to take in a...